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Internal Medicine
Vol. 37 (1998) No. 9 P 736-745



We performed a cross-sectional survey of stroke and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in Okinawa, Japan with a census population of about 1.2 million. A total of 3, 644 cases of first-ever stroke and 898 cases of initial acute myocardial infarction (AMI) were detected. The age-adjusted annual incidence rate for stroke was 105 per 100, 000 standard population of Japan, and that of AMI was 26. The case-fatality rate of stroke within 28 days of onset was 12.8%, and that of AMI was 22.2 %. Of the stroke cases, 51.4 % were diagnosed as brain infarction, 38.7 % as brain hemorrhage, and 9.3% as subarachnoid hemorrhage. The diagnosis of stroke subtypes were confirmed by computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging in 98.4% of all stroke cases. In Okinawa, the incidence rate of AMI was still considerably lower than that in the Western population, and the rate of stroke was similar to that in the Western population.
(Internal Medicine 37: 736-745, 1998)

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