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Lecturer Based Supportive Tool Development and Approaches for Learning Material Sharing under Bandwidth Limitation
Irwan Alnarus KautsarShinichiro KubotaYasuo MusashiKenichi Sugitani
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2016 年 24 巻 2 号 p. 358-369


Currently, lecturers have been offered various LMS's. The Learning Management System (LMS) could provide high quality, rich and complete materials in Higher Education Institution (HEI) that use LMS as part of academic activities. In those activities, lecturers are the key persons responsible for enriching learning materials. Therefore, it was a common sense if lecturers need to be supported for enriching learning materials in any condition, whether it is online or offline. There are several options for a lecturer when he needs to use a LMS: use the LMS directly (access to the LMS server) or by implemented on a local machine as a local server. The use of LMS as a server application to give services for a virtual classroom brings many issues like installation, configuration, learning materials authoring, LMS operation, etc. In this particular case, we focus on the Indonesian educational environment, where a highly motivated lecturer is eager to use LMS to deliver lectures but restricted to use a limited bandwidth. Therefore, tools that can be used online as well as offline and are able to share the contents over diverse LMS are needed. The present paper discusses a supportive tool to support offline authoring, and delivery methodology development in existing LMS or even HEI with no LMS installed, considering all the issues related to LMS and the limited bandwidth environment where it will be used. As a result, we developed a Lecture Based Supportive Tool (LBST) as an approach to enable a lecturer to create learning materials in offline conditions and/or limited bandwidth, and then upload it on a remote LMS as an activity to share and enrich learning materials.

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