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Ferrite Transformation during Deformation of Super-cooled Austenite
Hu-Chul LeeKyung-Keun Um
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2008 Volume 48 Issue 8 Pages 1050-1055


The research results achieved by the Korean national project, HIPERS-21, on the ferrite transformation during the deformation of super-cooled low carbon austenite were summarized. Fine ferrite grains formed during the deformation of austenite, i.e. dynamically. The rate of ferrite nucleation was estimated to be accelerated several hundred times by the deformation of austenite. However, the grain refinement could not be explained by the accumulated strain alone. The application of stress during the ferrite transformation is known to effectively weaken the orientation relationship of the ferrite grains with austenite, making the coalescence of the grain difficult during the growth of ferrite and effectively increasing the nominal ferrite nucleation rate. The application of the dynamic ferrite transformation to industrial hot rolling or plate milling was also summarized. The multi-pass rolling technique was introduced to produce a fine ferrite grain structure and controlled cooling was adopted to produce a multi-phase structure in order to improve the work hardening rate of fine grained steels.

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