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Production of Mn–Fe Alloy from Slag Generated in Mn-removal Treatment of Molten Cast Iron
Takahito TakagawaShigeru UedaHiroyuki IkeKouji IwashimizuRyo Inoue
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2009 Volume 49 Issue 11 Pages 1673-1677


Production of Fe–Mn alloy from the slag generated in the Mn-removal treatment of cast iron was investigated by using the method of carbon reduction of FeO–SiO2–MnO and FeO–SiO2–MnO–CaO slags at 1723 K.
In the first stage, almost all the Fe was reduced from the slags, followed by the reduction of Si and Mn. Finally, Fe–Mn–Si metal was obtained as a result of the reduction treatment. The addition of CaO to the FeO–SiO2–MnO slag had two effects: (1) the slag viscosity decreased, thereby improving slag reactivity, and (2) the SiO2 activity in the slag melt decreased, thereby lowering the Si content in the metal. It was confirmed that the reaction between carbon and the slag is rate limiting reaction. The contact condition between the slag and carbon has a significant influence on the slag reactivity; improvement of the contact condition leads to an increase in the slag reactivity.

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