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Effect of Environmental Cation Species on Corrosion near Shear Cut Edge of 55%Al–Zn Alloy Coated Steel Sheet
Masamitsu MatsumotoNobuhiro OkadaKatsuhiro NishiharaMasanari KimotoTakeo Kudo
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2009 Volume 49 Issue 4 Pages 574-581


Hot-dip 55%Al–Zn alloy coated steel sheet has superior corrosion resistance both on flat panel and near shear cut edge in various atmospheric environments. However, the corrosion often occurs near the shear cut edge in continuous wet conditions, for example, NaCl solution spray test (SST, JIS Z2371), and this has been explained by galvanic model. In this paper, it is clarified that the corrosion near shear cut edge is suppressed by artificial sea water and its second ingredient, MgCl2.
To make clear the corrosion mechanisms on MgCl2 suppression of the corrosion near shear cut edge, the measurement of cathodic polarization curve on the Fe electrode after the corrosion test using a AZ/Fe/AZ galvanic electrode, the estimation of corrosion products by numerical analysis in consideration of the substances migration and the precipitation reactions, and the analysis of corrosion products by FT-IR spectroscopy were conducted. As a result, in the galvanic condition, it is clarified that Mg(OH)2 precipitates on the Fe exposed cut edge. Moreover, the corrosion near shear cut edge is suppressed by the effect of the cathodic reaction suppression of Mg(OH)2.

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