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Phase-field Simulation of Habit Plane Formation during Martensitic Transformation in Low-carbon Steels
Yuhki TsukadaYasuhiro KojimaToshiyuki KoyamaYoshinori Murata
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2015 Volume 55 Issue 11 Pages 2455-2462


The origin of the habit plane of the martensite phase (α′) in low-carbon steels is elucidated by three-dimensional phase-field simulations. The cubic → tetragonal martensitic transformation and the evolution of dislocations with Burgers vector aα/2〈111〉α in the evolving α′ phase are modeled simultaneously. By assuming a static defect in the undercooled parent phase (γ), we simulate the heterogeneous nucleation in the martensitic transformation. The transformation progresses with the formation of the stress-accommodating cluster composed of the three tetragonal domains of the α′ phase. With the growth of the α′ phase, the habit plane of the martensitic cluster emerges near the (111)γ plane, whereas it is not observed in the simulation in which the slip in the α′ phase is not considered. We observed that the formation of the (111)γ habit plane, which is characteristic of the lath martensite that contains a high dislocation density, is attributable to the slip in the α′ phase during the martensitic transformation.

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