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Simulation and Application of Top Lance with Various Tilt Angles in Dephosphorization Ladle Furnace
Fuhai LiuRong ZhuQigang WangRuiguo Bai
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2015 Volume 55 Issue 8 Pages 1633-1641


Characteristics of flow field and stirring effects of top lance with various tilt angles (Tilt angles were 39°, 41°, 43°, 45° and 47°, respectively) on the molten bath were studied. The mixing time, impacting depth and impacting diameter were measured by water experiment. Flow field characteristics of three-phase flow were simulated by Fluent software. It was found that 43° oxygen lance could get the shortest mixing time being 56 s, the medium impacting depth being 36 mm and medium impacting diameter being 115 mm. When injecting by the 43° oxygen lance, average flow velocity of molten bath was the biggest being 0.0329 m/s, and volume of dead-zone was the minimum being 1.90 m3. In order to study metallurgical effects of oxygen lance with tilt angle, both 43° and 45° oxygen lances were experimented in a dephosphorization ladle furnace. The experiment showed that the oxygen lance with tilt angle can guarantee the normal smelting process. Compared with the 45° oxygen lance, the content of phosphorus in semi-steel B was decreased by 0.012 mass%, the dephosphorization rate was increased by 7.9% and the content of T. Fe loss was dropped by 1.9 mass%. It proved the oxygen lance with tilt angle could get a remarkable dephosphorization effect in a ladle furnace.

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