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Physical Properties
Development of Cube + Goss Texture in Electrical Steels and their Magnetic Properties
Hyunwoo MunNam Hoe HeoYangmo Koo
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2018 Volume 58 Issue 4 Pages 765-768


After final annealing, magnetic properties of the electrical steel including the lowest bulk sulfur content are best, while those of the steel including the additional aluminum is worst. Such excellent magnetic properties in the former steel is due to the strong cube + Goss texture. The sulfur highly segregated at grain boundaries and the surface Al2O3 layer is detrimental to the selective growth of the cube and Goss grains, resulting in the smaller grain size and the final poor magnetic properties. The bulk content of sulfur and aluminum should, therefore, be decreased to obtain the strong cube + Goss texture.

Changes in magnetic properties of the 6S, 20S and 6S8Al steels and ODF with final annealing time: (a1) magnetic induction, (a2) core loss, (b) ODFs of the 6S steel, (c) ODFs of the 20S steel and (d) ODFs of the 6S8Al steel. φ2=45°. Fullsize Image
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