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Numerical Analysis of Reaction Degradation for Three-dimensional Coke Pore Structure
Yui NumazawaDaisuke IgawaShohei MatsuoYasuhiro SaitoYohsuke MatsushitaHideyuki AokiTakahiro ShishidoNoriyuki Okuyama
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2018 Volume 58 Issue 8 Pages 1420-1426


In order to investigate coke degradation behavior due to CO2 gasification reaction in the blast furnace, mass transfer analyses with the reaction and stress analyses for coke considering its structure after the reaction were performed. Using the finite element method, CO2 gas diffusion in a coke lump and consumption of coke matrices owing to the gasification reaction were considered for the coke model in which the actual coke structure was reproduced. The rate-controlling step was also evaluated calculating the Thiele modulus and the effectiveness factor of catalyst obtained from CO2 concentration distribution in a coke lump. Further, stress analyses assuming a uniaxial tensile test were carried out for the coke model after CO2 gasification reaction, and the effect of the gasification reaction on a stress state in a coke lump was investigated. As a result, the reaction progressed mainly in the vicinity of the external surface with reaction temperature of 1673 K while it did uniformly in the whole coke lump with 1273 and 1473 K. Thus, the rate-controlling step shifted from the reaction-controlling step to the diffusion-controlling step with an increase in a reaction temperature, and the Thiele modulus and the effectiveness factor of catalyst also showed the same trend. From the stress analysis, coke strength decreased uniformly in the whole coke lump in case of the reaction-controlling step whereas it did mainly in the vicinity of the external surface in case of diffusion-controlling step.

Distribution of von Mises stress at x = 0.25 mm. The reaction temperatures were set at (top) 1273 K, (middle) 1373 K, and (bottom) 1473 K. The total conversions are (left) 0.1, (center) 0.2, and (right) 0.3. (Online version in color.) Fullsize Image
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