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Transformations and Microstructures
Kinetics of Martensite Reversion to Austenite during Overaging in a Maraging 350 Steel
Leandro Gomes de CarvalhoRonald Lesley PlautNelson Batista de LimaAngelo Fernando Padilha
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2019 Volume 59 Issue 6 Pages 1119-1127


The present work has studied the kinetics of partial reversion of martensite into austenite, which occurred during overaging between 520 and 600°C in a maraging 350 steel. The microstructural modifications were followed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and ferritoscopy. The observations carried out using microscopy showed that the reverted austenite is formed at interface regions such as grain boundaries, boundaries of the packets and martensite laths boundaries of the martensitic structure starting at 520°C, while the reverted austenite observed inside the martensite lath was formed starting at 560°C. The maximum percentage volumetric fractions of retained austenite were 18%, 25% and 37%, respectively for 520, 560 and 600°C. The higher the aging temperature, the faster the volumetric fraction attained its plateau of maximum constant value. The activation energy for the kinetics of the austenite reversion process has been determined as being 332 kJ/mol. The Avrami constant for the kinetics of the reverted austenite at 520°C was close to 1, while at 560°C was close to 2. The values determined for the activation energy and of the Avrami constants have been discussed and correlated with the possible transformation mechanisms.

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