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Transformations and Microstructures
Time Change in Scale Microstructure of Fe-5 mass%Ni Alloy at 1200°C
Aya HarashimaYasumitsu KondoShigenari Hayashi
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2020 Volume 60 Issue 2 Pages 352-358


Ni containing steel is known to form a complex oxide scale, which consists of an outer layer of Fe-oxides and an inner layer of FeO with complicated distribution of Ni(Fe) metal particles. Due to the complex microstructure, descaling of the oxide scale formed on Ni containing steel during a hot-rolling process is very difficult. In order to improve the descaling process, microstructural control of the inner oxide layer to eliminate its detrimental effect is necessary.

In this study, the change in microstructure of the outer and inner layers formed on Fe-5 mass%Ni alloy during oxidation is investigated. In particular, the change in the microstructure of the metal particles in the inner layer with oxidation time is considered.

The inner layer consisted of FeO, Ni(Fe), and voids. The concentration of Ni in the Ni(Fe) was found to increase across the inner layer from the scale/steel interface toward the outer/inner scale interface due to the equilibrium Ni concentration in the Ni(Fe) particles with FeO, which corresponded to the oxygen potential gradient in the inner layers. The number and area fraction of the Ni(Fe) metal particles decreased, whereas the size of the particles increased with oxidation time. This coarsening of the metal particles was proposed to be due to Ostwald ripening.

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