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Forming Processing and Thermomechanical Treatment
Simulation of Snaking and Buckling in Hot Sheet Rolling
Kazutake Komori
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2020 Volume 60 Issue 6 Pages 1264-1272


In hot sheet rolling, the sheet rear end often snakes, contacts the inlet side guide, buckles, and goes into the roll gap, whereas the overlapped rear end of the sheet is squeezed. Although a number of researches on the simulation of the sheet snaking are reported, no researches have been performed to simulate both the sheet snaking and the sheet buckling. In this study, a combined method to simulate the sheet snaking by the rigid-plastic FEM and to analyze the sheet buckling by the elementary theory of buckling was proposed. First, the method in which the in-plane lateral load and the in-plane bending moment were assumed at the surface of the simulation region by the rigid-plastic FEM was proposed. Next, the amount of snaking at the sheet rear end simulated by the rigid-plastic FEM agreed with that analyzed by the elementary theory of rolling. Finally, the effects of rolling conditions on the occurrence of squeezing, such as the difference in the sheet thickness in the direction of the roll axis, the difference in the roll gap in the direction of the roll axis, and the amount of the sheet off-center, were clarified.

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