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Casting and Solidification
Numerical Simulation of Flow, Heat, Solidification, Solute Transfer and Electromagnetic Field for Vertical Mold and Curved Mold of Billet
Yaoguang LiYanhui SunXuesong Bai
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2021 Volume 61 Issue 3 Pages 802-813


A three-dimensional model, which coupled flow, heat transfer, solidification, solute transport and electromagnetic field, was separately developed for vertical mold and curved mold of billet continuous casting. Therefore, the characteristics and disciplinarians of macroscopic transport behavior for different types of mold were revealed. The influence of mold electromagnetic stirring (M-EMS) and mold curvature on the flow, heat transfer, solidification, solute transport in the mold were investigated in detail. The results indicate that the M-EMS can cause obvious rotating flow in the mold and enhance the superheat dissipation of the molten steel to promote the growth of solidification shell. The mold curvature has a profound effect on the flow field distribution of the mold, and further affects the temperature field and solute distribution in the mold. Therefore, the mold curvature is necessary to consider for predicting the macroscopic transmission phenomenon in the mold. Moreover, the predicted and experimental results for distributions of magnetic flux density and near surface element C content compare agreeably, which indicates the validity of the coupled model in current work.

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