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Estimation of Material Constants of Hot Coke under Inert Atmosphere
Yasuhiro Saito Takumu HigoChiho TsukamotoShinji KudoJun-ichiro Hayashi
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2023 Volume 63 Issue 9 Pages 1496-1501


The strength, pore structure, and material constants of coke prepared from caking coal (Coke A) and non- or slightly caking coal (Coke C) were experimentally and numerically investigated with a particular focus on those values at high temperatures. Coke A showed higher strength and lower porosity than Coke C. The pore structure imaged by X-ray computed tomography was translated to the finite element mesh with the image-based modeling, and the stress analysis based on the finite element method was performed to calculate the mode value of maximum principal stress at different Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio. Young’s modulus of Coke A and Coke C at a constant Poisson’s ratio decreased and increased, respectively by heating. When the temperature increased, the compression stress of Coke A increased. The result indicated that the coke strength could be increased by heating because of the decrease in apparent Young’s modulus, accompanied by the occurrence of creep.

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