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The Behavior of Metal Jet in the In-Rotating-water Spinning Method
Yoshio ABEKen-ichi MIYAZAWAMasakazu NAKAMURATetsuro OHASHI
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1987 Volume 27 Issue 12 Pages 929-935


To understand the formation of rapidly solidified metal wire directly from the molten state by the In-Rotating-Water Spinning Method, some experiments have been done by the use of Pb-Sb alloy. In the experiments, the behavior of molten metal jet in rotating water was directly observed to reveal that the jet orbit closely relates with the cross-sectional shape, longitudinal shape and continuity of wires obtained.
Under the experimental conditions adopted in this study, it has been confirmed that the apparent properties of the wire are influenced mainly by both the jet velocity and the water-drum velocity. With increasing ratio of the jet velocity to the water velocity, molten metal jet penetrates deeper into rotating water. The range showing the optimum conditions for the production of long-continued straight wire has also been determined.
Furthermore, the theoretical methods to estimate the jet velocity at the nozzle outlet and the jet orbit in water have been developed. The jet velocity of molten metal can well be predicted by the use of the equivalent nozzle orifice diameter obtained from the water experiment on the characteristics of nozzle. The calculated jet orbit agrees well with the observed results.

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