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Crystallographic Analysis of Electrodeposited Zinc Crystals on Fe Substrate
Yasuya OhmoriKiyomichi NakaiHiroyuki OhtsuboTakahide YagiToshihiro Matsumoto
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1993 Volume 33 Issue 11 Pages 1196-1201


The morphology and the crystallography of η-zinc crystals electrodeposited on a steel substrate have been examined mainly by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray Laue back reflection technique. The morphology of η-crystals varies with increasing the current density from thin layered plates to dendrite structures. The layered crystals form directly on the steel substrate with a specific variant of the Burgers' orientation relationship described as {110}α//(0001)η and <111>α//<1210>η. The average size of these layered crystals increases with decreasing the angle between the <111>α//<1210>η close-packed direction and the substrate surface. These crystallographic features can be explained in terms of the η-crystal nucleation at the steps on the substrate surface.

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