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Estimation of Viscosities of Liquid Alloys
Masazumi Hirai
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1993 Volume 33 Issue 2 Pages 251-258


The effects of composition and temperature on viscosities of liquid metals have been studied by systematical analysis of data found in the literature to estimate the viscosities of liquid alloys. These viscosities are expressed by the following equations:
η = A exp(B/RT)
A=(1.7×10−7ρ2/3Tm1/2M−1/6)/[exp(B/RTm)]    [Pa · s]
B= 2.65Tm1.27    [J · mol-1]
where ρ is the density of alloy [kg·m-3], Tm is the absolute temperature of liquidus [K], M is atomic weight [kg·mol-1], and R is gas constant [8.3144 J·mol-1·K-1]. Values calculated from the above equations for the viscosities of various liquid binary alloys were in good agreement with the experimental data from the literature. Using these equations, it is possible to estimate viscosity for any liquid alloy at any temperature.

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