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Carbonate Capacities of Na2O-SiO2-B2O3 Melts
Kamlesh K. SinghAhindra Ghosh
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1994 Volume 34 Issue 2 Pages 150-154


CO2 solubilities of Na2O-SiO2-B2O3 melts were determined by the thermogravimetric method in the overall temperature range of 1000-1250°C after correction for loss of weight due to volatilization from the melts as well as drag force of flowing gas. The melts had mostly 50 mol%. Na2O, with SiO2 and B2O3 contents varying from 0 to 50–mol%. The values of CO2 Solubilities for 50Na2O-50SiO2 melts were within the ranges reported in literature. For 50 mol% Na2O, the solubility decreased with increasing B2O3 content in the melt and with increase in temperature. Also linear dependence of logarithm of carbonate capacity with theoretical optical basicity were obtained at constant temperatures.

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