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Precipitation Behavior of Al-Ti-O-N Inclusions in Unidirectionally Solidified Fe-30mass%Ni Alloy
Yoshio KawashitaHideaki Suito
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1995 Volume 35 Issue 12 Pages 1468-1476


The composition, size, morphology and distribution of the Al-Ti-O-N inclusions in the unidirectionally solidified Fe-30mass%Ni alloy were studied under the different solidification conditions as a function of solute contents which were controlled by using the CaO-Al2O3-TiOx-TiN slags. The TiOx-Al2O3 inclusions were observed in the initial contents of Ti=20-110 and N=60-130, while the TiN inclusions were observed in the initial contents of Ti=700-1100 and N=90-150 on mass ppm base. The Ti content and the size of the TiOx-AL2O3 inclusions increased with an increase in the cooling rate. The TiOx-rich TiOx-Al2O3 and the TiN inclusions were located in last stage of solidification in the interdendritic and the intercellular region. The precipitation of TiN and TiOx-Al2O3 inclusions was discussed by using the segregation models.

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