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Test on High-rate Pulverized Coal Injection Operation at Kimitsu No. 3 Blast Furnace
Kazuyoshi YamaguchiHiromitsu UenoShin'ichi MatsunagaKazumoto KakiuchiShigeru Amano
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1995 Volume 35 Issue 2 Pages 148-155


With reference to results of off-line model experiments and actual furnace operation tests performed beforehand, a high-rate pulverized coal injection operation test was carried out at Kimitsu No. 3 blast furnace and the following conclusions have been derived:
(1) A stable operation has been achieved at the pulverized coal rate of 190 kg/t-pig by the control of heat flow ratio and the burden distribution control of peripheral gas flow suppression, with the production of low Al2O3, high-reducible sinter and the raise of cold and hot strengths of coke.
(2) With an operation performed at the pulverized coal rate over 200 kg/t-pig and the coke rate below 300 kg/t-pig, it has become clear that a technical subject posed at this operation is how to improve the reduction-meltdown behavior in the lower part of furnace.
(3) It has become clear that a factor controlling the pulverized coal injection at the actual furnace is the discharge of unburnt char from the furnace top. Setting the upper limit of injection rate certainly is a subject to be worked out hereafter.

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