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Ferrite Nucleation at Ceramic/Austenite Interfaces
Sanhong ZhangNobuyuki HattoriMasato EnomotoToshimi Tarui
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1996 Volume 36 Issue 10 Pages 1301-1309


Pure polycrystal ceramics (TiC, TiN, TiO, VN, AIN and Al2O3) were heat-pressure-bonded to an Fe-0.1 mass%C-2 mass%Mn alloy and were isothermally reacted below the Ae3 temperature for the proeutectoid ferrite reaction to occur. The number of ferrite particles per unit area of bonded interfaces was measured using Schwartz-Saltykov method and was compared with the number of particles formed at grain boundaries. VN was most effective in stimulating ferrite nucleation whereas TiO was least effective. All other ceramics showed more or less similar potencies for ferrite formation. VN is capable of forming lower energy interfaces with ferrite than other ceramics, through the possibility of V diffusion into the alloy during and after bonding may not be ruled out in this experiment. On the other hand, the least effectiveness of TiO in stimulating ferrite nucleation is possibly due to the proximity of thermal expansion coefficient to iron.

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