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Characterization of Slag-Metal Droplet-Gas Emulsion in Oxygen Steelmaking Converters
Brahma DeoArun KaramchetiAmitava PaulPankaj SinghR. P. Chhabra
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1996 Volume 36 Issue 6 Pages 658-666


Metal droplets of various sizes are ejected from the jet impact zone in oxygen steel making converters. The residence time of these droplets in the surrounding gas-slag mixture is calculated for different operating conditions in top blown converters. A new dimensionless emulsion number, En, based on the ratio of the residence time of the metal droplets to the residence time of gas bubbles in liquid slag is proposed. This emulsion number is found to be strongly dependent on the ratio of lance height to the throat diameter of De Laval nozzle. The blowing regimes followed in three plants are analyzed in terms of emulsion number. The reduction of FeO in slag by dissolved carbon in metal droplets also depends upon emulsion number and, in turn, decides the lance height chosen at various stages of the blow as well as lime dissolution, slag formation and slopping. The emulsion number can be used as an effective tool to control slag formation behaviour.

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