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Recrystallisation of Ti IF Steel Investigated with Electron Backscattering Pattern (EBSP)
Dirk VanderschuerenNaoki YoshinagaKazuo Koyama
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1996 Volume 36 Issue 8 Pages 1046-1054


The deformed structure of cold rolled IF steels consists of a large number of α fibre and γ fibre oriented grains and a small number of (110)<110> oriented grains, each with a distinctive grain shape, subgrain structure, hardness and etching appearance. Early nucleation occurs mainly in γ fibre grains and (110)<110> grains. The texture of the early nuclei consists of a γ fibre with a spread towards (221)<110> together with a weak <100>// ND fibre. Numerous nuclei develop within a single deformed grain. α fibre grains are consumed only after 70% of the materials is recrystallised.

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