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Influence of Alloying Elements in Solution on Static Recrystallization Kinetics of Hot Deformed Steels
S. F. MedinaJ. E. Mancilla
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1996 Volume 36 Issue 8 Pages 1063-1069


Using torsion tests and applying the back extrapolation method, a study has been made of the influence on static recrystallization kinetics of the most common elements (C, Si, Mn, Mo) in low alloy steels and the most common elements (Ti, V, Nb) in microalloyed steels. In the latter case, this influence is studied only at the temperatures at which these elements are in solution, except for Titanium which was partially precipitated in the form of nitrides. Activation energy is the parameter most sensitive to variations in the chemical composition and an expression has been determined to predict its value as a function of the content of each alloying element. Of the different non precipitate-forming alloys sillicon is shown to be the element which most delays recrystallization. Carbon and vanadium in solution have no influence on recrystallization kinetics. It is demonstrated that Nb is the microalloying element which most delays recrystallization.

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