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Origin of Recrystallization Texture Evolution and Active Slip Systems in Cold Rolled 3%Si–Fe (100)[011] Single Crystal
Tetsuo TogeMineo MurakiMichiro KomatsubaraTakashi Obara
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1998 Volume 38 Issue 6 Pages 524-530


3%Si–Fe (100)[011] single crystal was investigated to analyze its texture evolution during rolling and recrystallization. Cold rolled (100)[011] could be fully recrystallized by utilizing dynamic strain aging, and sharp recrystallized texture was obtained.
Rolled texture maintained the initial orientation (100)[011] with TD rotational dispersion. This dispersion is attributed to the action of two kinds of {112}<111> slip systems which have the largest Schmid factor.
Recrystallized texture is composed of eight orientations rotated about 30 degrees around eight <112> axes from the initial orientation (100)[011]. These rotations are attributed to the action of 8 kinds of {110}<111> slip systems.
The results of several researchers, showing recrystallized {111}<uvw> grains from the rolled matrix having {111}<uvw>, were also discussed in this paper from the view point of <112>-rotation, and an alternative idea on the formation of <111>//ND texture has been proposed.

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