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Mechanism of Orientation Selectivity of Secondary Recrystallization in Fe–3%Si Alloy
Yoshiyuki UshigamiTakeshi KubotaNobuyuki Takahashi
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1998 Volume 38 Issue 6 Pages 553-558


Selective growth behavior of {110} <001> grains has been studied utilizing the temperature gradient annealing method. As grains grow, the average deviation angle from the ideal {110} <001> orientation becomes smaller and orientation distribution changes corresponding to that of coincidence grains in the matrix. Secondary recrystallization temperature depends on the orientation of secondary recrystallized grain and sharper {110} <001> grains grow preferentially at lower temperatures.
These phenomena are explained by modified Hillert's model of grain growth, which takes the grain boundary characteristics into account. Sharper {110} <001> grains, which have higher frequency of coincidence grains in the primary recrystallized matrix, suffer lower pinning force from the precipitates and thus grow preferentially at lower temperatures.

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