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Activity of Manganese Oxide in CaO–MnO–SiO2–PO2.5(–MgO, FetO) Slags
Ahmad SobandiHiroshi G. KatayamaTadashi Momono
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1998 Volume 38 Issue 9 Pages 953-958


The thermodynamics of manganese in high MnO slags at hot metal pretreatment temperature were investigated. The CaO–MnO–SiO2–PO2.5(–MgO, FetO) slags were equilibrated with liquid copper alloys in a molybdenum crucible under a flowing CO2/H2 atmosphere in the temperature range of 1573 to 1673 K.
The manganese equilibrium quotient, K 'Mn = (%Mn)/[%Mn] pO21/2, between slag and liquid copper and the activity coefficient of MnO, γMnO, were obtained as a function of slag composition and temperature. Based on the thermodynamic data obtained in the present study, the manganese distributions between hot metal and slag were estimated. From comparison with the plant data, it was concluded that the thermodynamic data obtained in the present study are satisfactorily applicable to the thermodynamic assessment of hot metal pretreatment with high MnO slag.

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