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Behavior of Slag Foaming Caused by Blowing Gas in Molten Slags
Keng WuWei QianShaojun ChuQiang NiuHaiwen Luo
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2000 Volume 40 Issue 10 Pages 954-957


The relationship between the height of foaming slag and blowing gas flow rate has been investigated at different temperature and with additives such as coal, coke, graphite and CaO, in order to understand the foaming phenomenon in most metallurgical processes comprehensively. On the basis of experimental results, the regressed foam behavior equations (Dh=b·Vm ) were obtained. Those correlation coefficients were in range from 0.995 to 0.999. It means that the foam behavior equation can be used to describe foaming ability of the slag foaming caused by blowing gas quantitatively. The foaming index Σ is only a limited case for of the foam behavior equation and can be used only at high temperature and without additives for the foaming phenomenon caused by blowing gas. It was found also that the large carbonaceous particles could decrease the height of foaming slag, however the fine carbonaceous and CaO powder could increase it. The basicity of the slag affects the height of foaming slag.

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