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Modelling the Austenite to Ferrite Phase Transformation in Low Carbon Steels in Terms of the Interface Mobility
T. A. KopY. van LeeuwenJilt SietsmaS. van der Zwaag
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2000 Volume 40 Issue 7 Pages 713-718


The kinetics of the phase transformation between the high temperature FCC-phase austenite and the low temperature BCC-phase ferrite as it occurs during controlled cooling of hot rolled low carbon steels is described using a physical model that considers austenite grain size, nucleus density, composition effects, and the austenite/ferrite interface mobility. The model is verified against experimental dilatometry data for three lean carbon-manganese steel grades. The model yields adequate reproductions of the transformation kinetics. Ferrite grain coarsening during the transformation appears to have a significant effect on the final microstructure.

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