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Chloride Capacities of CaO-SiO²-Al²O³(-FeO, MgO, MnO) Slags and Their Application in the Incineration Processes
Makoto MiwaKazuki Morita
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2002 Volume 42 Issue 10 Pages 1065-1070


Thermodynamic properties of chlorine in the CaO-SiO²-Al²O³(-FeO, MgO, MnO) and CaO-SiO²FeO slags have been investigated. The experiments were carried out under relatively high oxygen partial pressure, using gas-slag equilibrium, controlling both PO²and PCl² simultaneously (PO²=10-5-10-13 atm, PCl²=10-7-10-10 atm at 1 673 K) by flowing gas mixture of H², CO², HCl and Ar gases, and the solubility of chlorine in the 40mass%CaO-40mass%SiO²-20mass%Al²O³ slag was found to vary in proportion toPO² -1/4 and PCl² 1/2, which was the same relationship observed in the reducing conditions. Accordingly, chloride capacity (CCl-) is used to evaluate ability of slags to absorb chlorine. The CCl- values were observed to increase with increasing slag basicity, and showed a reasonable relationship with that of C-. Based on the result obtained in the present study, chlorine distribution during incineration with slags was predicted quantitatively.

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