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Recrystallization Textures in Cold-Rolled Ti Bearing IF Steel Sheets
Seung-Hyun HongDong Nyung Lee
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2002 Volume 42 Issue 11 Pages 1278-1287


The evolution of recrystallization textures in cold-rolled Ti bearing interstitial free (IF) steel sheets were investigated using X-ray pole figures and electron back scattering diffraction (EBSD). A hot band of IF steel was cold-rolled by 50, 80, and 95%. The deformation texture of cold-rolled steel sheets consisted approximately of the ‹110›//RD (α fiber) and the ‹111›//ND (γ fiber) with high densities in the {001}‹110›, {558}‹110›, and {665}‹110› orientations. When annealed at 695°C, the cold rolled sheets developed a recrystallization texture characterized approximately by the γ fiber whose main components were approximated by {111}‹112›, {334}‹483›, and {665}‹1 1 2.4› which is almost the same as {554}‹225›. The densities of these orientations increased with increasing cold-rolling reduction. The recrystallized {111}‹112›, {334}‹483›, and {665}‹1 1 2.4› grains were attributed to the {001}‹110›, {558}‹110›, and {665}‹110› deformation orientations by the strain energy release maximization (SERM) model for recrystallization texture, in which the absolute maximum internal stress direction in the deformed state tends to be parallel to the minimum Young's modulus direction of recrystallized grains.

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