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Phase Equilibria of Two-liquid CaO-MgO-FetO-P2O5 Slag Saturated with (Mg, Fe)O
Teppei TamuraTetsuya NagasakaMitsutaka Hino
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2004 Volume 44 Issue 3 Pages 476-481


Phase equilibria of two-liquid CaO-MgO-FetO-P2O5 slag saturated with (Mg, Fe)O solid solution and the distribution ratio of phosphorus between the slag and liquid iron were measured at steelmaking temperatures by chemical equilibration. It is known that this slag system has wide liquid miscibility gap at steelmaking temperature and this two-liquid phase slag has many advantages, such as high activities of both FetO and CaO and high amount of phosphoric oxide. It was made clear that the phosphorus distribution ratio between the slag system and molten iron was higher than that of the CaOsat.-FetO-P2O5 system and the two-liquid slag phase was very useful for dephosphorization of molten steel and reduction of slag volume.

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