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Dental Approach in Treatment of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Isao Yamamoto Kimiko NakagawaHiroshi OhhiraNaofumi KamakuraSaeko HujitaYoshihiro YamadaIwao Hasegawa
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2019 Volume 37 Issue 2 Pages 193-


Recent studies have revealed that oral health and general health are closely connected. The rapid spread of personal information-technology gadgets, such as personal computers (PCs) or smartphones, is becoming a severe social concern because of the ill effects of the electromagnetic waves exposed to the human body. [Case Report] Subject: A woman in her 40s. Chief complaint: Sensitivity to electromagnetic waves and fatigue and stomach pain from the daily use of a PC, smartphone, or other household appliance. Investigation: We detected the tooth material that caused electromagnetic energy accumulation using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. Treatment and progress: The subject showed a negative reaction to the electromagnetic waves from a smartphone, but after removing the inlay, the reaction was positive and she reported significant relief from the discomfort experienced during the use of electronic equipment or household appliances. The result suggests that metal inlays used for dental treatment accumulate electromagnetic energy, and their removal should be effective in treating electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

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