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Vol. 62 (2008) No. 4 P 527-532




For practical 3-D computer-generated holograms (CGH), it is important to display surface model shaded images like computer graphics (CG). We have developed a simple process that is used to obtain 3-D data for CGH from two CG images. The first image is a shaded CG image. The second image is a depth-cued image, i.e., image intensity is modulated by the depth of the object. We use a Z-buffer, which is usually used for hidden-surface removal, to make the depth-cued image. We have improved the process to eliminate the problem of the absence of the hidden surface's data, which should appear when a viewer moves. We adapted our process so that it can be used to make a master disk hologram, meaning that, CGHs from processed 3-D Data are displayed on a disk hologram.

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