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Vol. 64 (2010) No. 11 P 1744-1749




Holographic video display requires high-speed calculation. Our previous study, showed that changing the hologram type from Fresnel to image generates holograms very quickly. In the image hologram, the object is located very close to the hologram, or superposed. Therefore, for the single object point, required computation area for the image hologram becomes much smaller than the entire hologram. In this paper, we have investigated applying the distance look-up table method for the image hologram. Since image points are located close to the hologram, the required look-up table size also becomes much smaller than that of the Fresnel hologram. From the experimental results, generation speed of 19 frames per second has been obtained for a full color image hologram that has a resolution of 1,400 x 1,050 and 10,000 object points.

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