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Efficacy of a Health Promotion Program with Facial Mimetic Muscle Training in Residents of a Medical Care Facility for the Elderly
Motoko IshikawaSachi IshikawaHitoshi KamataYoshiaki AkihiroUmenoi HamadaYoshikazu Yonei
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 7 巻 11 号 p. 120-128


Objective: We conducted an anti-aging medical checkup and health promotion program, including facial mimetic muscle training, in residents of a geriatric medical care facility. Here, we evaluate the physical and mental effects of these activities.
Methods: Three male and 16 female residents (83.7±6.8 years, BMI 22.2±3.0) underwent occupational therapy, with the addition of facial mimetic muscle training with a medical device, “M Patakara”, for 3.0 — 4.5 minutes four times per day for 24 weeks. Efficacy was evaluated by anti-aging medical checkup before and after the study.
Results: The Anti-Aging QOL Common Questionnaire (AAQol) showed a significant improvement in the symptom scores of “anorexia”, “early satiety”, “epigastralgia”, “constipation”, “headache”, “dizziness”, and “arthralgia” (p‹0.05). Laboratory results showed significant changes in LDL cholesterol (111.6±24.8 mg/dl → 120.2±27.5mg/dl, p=0.022) and IGF-I (123.2±50.9ng/ml → 109.6±55.5ng/ml, p=0.005) at 24 weeks. Serum cortisol (11.7±3.8μg/dl → 15.6±5.3μg/dl, p=0.001) significantly increased while DHEA-s/cortisol ratio did not change. The Wisconsin card sorting test showed a significant reduction in total errors (32.6±4.6 → 27.8 ±7.5, p=0.022) and unique errors (5.2±5.1 → 1.9 ±2.7, p=0.026). Body composition analysis (Physion MD) revealed a decrease in muscle mass in the upper arms (0.50±0.14kg → 0.45±0.12kg, p=0.005) and lower limbs (4.4±1.2kg → 4.1±1.0kg, p=0.006). There was no significant change in vascular age by fingertip acceleration plethysmogram (SDP-100) or in osteo-sono-assessment index of the calcaneus by ultrasonography (AOS-100NW). Saliva secretion increased significantly, from 8.0±5.0 mm/min to 12.6±2.3 mm/min (p‹0.001) by the coffee filter method. Labial closure strength and electromyographic activity of the facial mimetic muscles increased significantly. No serious adverse event occurred during or after the study.
Conclusion: This health promotion program with facial mimetic muscle training improved saliva secretion and subjective symptoms, indicating that it improved QOL in these aged facility patients. On anti-aging medical checkup, however, it was ineffective in preventing sufficiently the muscle weakening.

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