Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics
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Special Issue on Mobile Multimedia Big Data Embedded Systems: Part II
Optimization of Intelligent Data Mining Technology in Big Data Environment
Wei Wang
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2019 年 23 巻 1 号 p. 129-133


At present, storage technology cannot save data completely. Therefore, in such a big data environment, data mining technology needs to be optimized for intelligent data. Firstly, in the face of massive intelligent data, the potential relationship between data items in the database is firstly described by association rules. The data items are measured by support degree and confidence level, and the data set with minimum support is found. At the same time, strong association rules are obtained according to the given confidence level of users. Secondly, in order to effectively improve the scanning speed of data items, an optimized association data mining technology based on hash technology and optimized transaction compression technology is proposed. A hash function is used to count the item set in the set of waiting options, and the count is less than its support, then the pruning is done, and then the object compression technique is used to delete the item and the transaction which is unrelated to the item set, so as to improve the processing efficiency of the association rules. Experiments show that the optimized data mining technology can significantly improve the efficiency of obtaining valuable intelligent data.



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