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A Dynamic Recommender System with Fused Time and Location Factors
Xinhua WangPeng YinYukai GaoLei Guo
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2019 年 23 巻 1 号 p. 25-33


A recommender system is an important tool to help users obtain content and overcome information overload. It can predict users’ interests and offer recommendations by analyzing their history behaviors. However, traditional recommender systems focus primarily on static user behavior analysis. Recently, with the promotion of the Netflix recommendation prize and the open dataset with location and time information, many researchers have focused on the dynamic characteristics of the recommender system (including the changes in the dynamic model of user interest), and begun to offer recommendations based on these dynamic features. Intuitively, these dynamic user features provide us with an effective method to learn user interests deeply. Based on the observations above, we present a dynamic fusion model by integrating geographical location, user preferences, and the time factor based on the Gibbs sampling process to provide better recommendations. To evaluate the performance of our proposed method, we conducted experiments on real-world datasets. The experimental results indicate that our proposed dynamic recommender system with fused time and location factors not only performs well in traditional scenarios, but also in sparsity situations where users appear at the first time.



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