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Observer-Based Piecewise Multi-Linear Controller Designs for Nonlinear Systems Using Feedback and Observer Linearizations
Tadanari TaniguchiMichio Sugeno
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2020 年 24 巻 1 号 p. 12-25


This paper proposes observer-based piecewise multi-linear controllers for nonlinear systems using feedback and observer linearizations. The piecewise model is a nonlinear approximation and fully parametric. Feedback linearizations are applied to stabilize the piecewise multi-linear control system. Furthermore, observer linearizations are more conservative in modeling errors compared with feedback linearizations. In this paper, we propose robust observer designs for piecewise multi-linear systems. Moreover, we design piecewise multi-linear controllers that combine the robust observer with various performance such as a regulator and tracking controller. These design methods realize a separation principle that allows an observer and a regulator to be designed separately. Examples are demonstrated through computer simulation to confirm the feasibility of our proposals.



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