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Plus Tokyo Strategy for Sustainable Tourism:
Policy to Create New Tourism Flows on the Occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Yoshiyuki OSHITA
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2020 Volume 66 Issue 1 Pages 136-152


    At the time of the London Olympics, a tourism campaign was conducted, called “London Plus.” The aim of the campaign was to entice overseas tourists not just to stay in London but also visit to one or two other cities in addition to London.
    In Japan, however, intake capacity is reaching its limits as tourists enter the country via one of the Tokyo metropolitan area airports as has generally been the case and travel the so-called Golden Route.
    According to the estimates, all of the current proposals for increasing the international flight capacity of the seven main airports will need to be fully enacted to reach the government's target of 60 million tourists. In addition, even under the most optimistic assumptions, the regional airports not only have to keep pace with the major airports, but will need to increase their flights by at least six-fold. Under more conservative assumptions, the government target will clearly not be feasible unless a ten-fold increase is achieved.
    In other words, Japan should pursue a ‘Plus Tokyo' strategy, under which international visitors to Japan should actively be encouraged to first visit regional cities, then extend their journeys to Tokyo.
    When rolling out a Plus Tokyo strategy in regional cities, cultural programs such as food culture promise to play a major role in enticing tourists during their stay.

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