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Vol. 14 (1972) No. 2 p. 11-14



The artificial recharge through artesian well is one of the direct method. The troubling problem in this method is clogging of the recharge well or adjacent aquifer materials.
Writers have experienced that clogging chiefly has been attributed to the different chemical characteristic of both the native ground water and the reharge water and air in the recharge water, through the testing work carried out by the group of investigation of the Geological Survey of Japan. The clogging because of them occured temporarily and its agent was adequately removed by intermittent pumping and recharging of the recharge well. But it would seem that the permanent decreasing of permeability of adjacent aquifer occurred as a result of the repeated pumping.
Therefore, the preliminary evaluation necessitates the consideration of adequacy of the recharge water to the native ground water.

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