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Vol. 17 (1975) No. 2 p. 55-67



In the heavy snow fall area, Yonezawa, Nagaoka, etc., they have taken a good use of snow melting pipes. But these are not sufficiently familiar to that district, for the water supply is poor. And so we have had an idea of a use of a stratum for a regenerator by artificial recharge and a reuse of repumped water for snow melting pipes. Injecting cooling waste water has been investigated since before, but water surface up-lift effects when restoration of injection and quantitative analysis for heat storage are not successfully studied.
We have injected at rate of 0.7m8/min for a month, and examined ( i ) the reason why we could inject, (ii) the up-lift effect near wells, and (iii) the regenerating effect, from isotrapy of the peameable, comparing the experimental piezometric surface with the ideal, and water quality and temperature change.
The experimental field is situated in a southern part in Yarnagata basin. The aquifers are 40m and 80m in depth. The injection, the observation and the discharge wells are drilled at the corners of the 22.4m equilateral triangle. In isotrapic confined aquiefers if the flow is subject to Darcy's law and the deficiency of the boreholes is negligible, thg steady state piezometric surface is given by equation ( 4 )

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