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Vol. 19 (1977) No. 1 p. 13-23



Groundwater survey, on the Nakagawa River delta, was carried out by the Agricultural Administration Bureau of Chugoku-Shikoku, in 1971.
The well, which was pumped for the test, is 150 meter deep, and has a 15 centimeter casing perforated from 50 to 60 meters.
As determined by the Theis nonequilibrium formula, the results are as follows: The coefficient of transmissibility (T) is 7.8 x 10-4square centimeter per second, the coefficicient of storage (S) is 2.2 ×10-5; the coefficient of permeability (K) is 1.31×10-4meter per second; the specific capacity (q) is 0.0094 cubic meter per second; and the influence area (R) is 148 meter.

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