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Vol. 26 (1984) No. 3 p. 97-110



Recently, attention has come to be paid to groundwater contamination caused by human activity. To cope with the problem, we must obtain the more detailed informations about groundwater-bearing condition and its flow system taking long strides from the conventional way of thinking.
The distinguished mark of this study is the application of the sedimentary facies analysis to specify the groundwater system of the study area.
Analysis shows that there are three facies to devide the groundwater and the characteristics of the groundwater flow is limited by the sedimentary facies and structure. On the basis of the facies analysis, the tracing of groundwater is carried out at the several plots using electric conductivity method. As a result, it is clarified that the velocity and direction of groundwater vary with the season, topographic locality and sedimentary horizon of groundwater.

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