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Vol. 32 (1990) No. 4 p. 201-208



Pumping tests at 10 different places along a planned subway were carried out in a certain city. Some differences from the ideal condition were involved in these tests obtained in a developed area. The major difference is the extension of aquifer; i. e., the basements and underground structures took the role of the barrier of groundwater flow through the aquifer. These effects appeared in the results of the pumping tests near the buildings. The use of the partial penetration well is also different from the ideal condition of the Theis theory for pumping tests.
This report focuses on the way to estimate the test results measured by the three different conditions from the ideal condition of the Theis theory. These are (1) the case in which basement wall of the buildings becomes the barrier of groundwater flow, (2) the case in which the thickness of aquifer varies, and (3) the case in which the pumping and observation wells are partially penetrating into the aquifer.

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