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Vol. 32 (1990) No. 4 p. 221-230



In recent years, utilization of underground-space in urban area has increased. In such cases, it is quite important to predict changes in geo-environmental conditions precisely. For such purpose, detailed site investigation and accurate modelling of the underground are indispensable.
In this paper method for long-time measurement of the groundwater behaviour in multilayered aquifers is discussed. Results of groundwater measurements in a three aquifers system are reported, and continuity between the three aquifers is discussed by examining groundwater levels, atmospheric pressure and rainfall. As the result, it is found that not only seepage but also deformation of the ground should be considered in order to evaluate the continuity of multilayered aquifers. Moreover, survey of quality of groundwater and pumping from the lower layered aquifer are proved to be very important for the investigation of the continuity of aquifers.

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