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Vol. 36 (1994) No. 4 p. 451-459



Water qualities of spring waters (NOk, NOe, NOw, and NOm) at Kokubunji City, Tokyo which springs were very closed were studied during January to December 1990. NOe and NOw are belong to Masugatanoike springs. These springs were very close and their water qualities such as anions or metals were similar.
In these spring waters we detected volatile organochlorine compounds (VOCC) such as trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene (PCE), and 1-1-ltrichloroethane (MC). Although sampling stations were very close, VOCC concentrations of each spring waters showed different tendency. At NOk and NOe, TCE concentraiotn was highest of three compounds. But at NOw and NOm, PCE concentration was highest of all.
Concentrations of TCE and MC had close relations at these springs. And these relations were different between NOk-N0e and NOw-NOm. At the result, it was suggested that there were the relations with TCE concentrations and MC concentrations and there ware two groundwater flows.

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