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The Synthesis of Zeolite A Ion Exchanger for Adsorption of Sr2+ and Cs+
Erika SonoharaSyouhei NishihamaKazuharu Yoshizuka
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Volume 18 (2007) Issue 4 Pages 352-353

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Zeolite A adsorbent has been prepared for adsorption of Sr2+ and Cs+. The present adsorbent has sufficient adsorption ability for both ions, of which adsorption achieved within 1 h. The adsorption mechanism for both ions is Langmuir type, and the maximum adsorption amount at equilibrium pH of 4.00 are 3.32 mmol/g for Sr2+ and 1.66 mmol/g for Cs+, respectively. Since the pH dependencies of the adsorption of Sr2+ and Cs+ are different, selective separation of Sr2+ and Cs+ is expected to be achieved.

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