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Simultaneous Recovery of Lithium Bromide with Ion Exchange Method
Yasuhiro SuzukaYukinori YoshiokaSyouhei NishihamaKazuharu Yoshizuka
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Volume 18 (2007) Issue 4 Pages 514-515

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The simultaneous recovery of LiBr from aqueous solution such as seawater and industrial effluent using ion exchange method has been investigated, employing quaternary ammonium salt type adsorbent. The quaternary ammonium salt type adsorbent prepared possesses sufficient adsorption ability for Br- and the adsorption was found to progress with Langmuir mechanism. The selectivity for Br- against Cl- depends on the counter anion of the adsorbent and the adsorbent with counter anion OH- shows the sufficient selectivity for Br-. The Br- loaded was also eluted by LiOH from the absorbent to produce LiBr.

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