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Experimental investigations on churning power losses generated in a planetary gear set
Jean-Baptiste BONIAdrien NEUROUTHChristophe CHANGENETFabrice VILLE
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 11 巻 6 号 p. JAMDSM0079


This study aims to experimentally investigate churning power losses generated by a planetary gear set which is splash lubricated. To this end, a specific test rig has been used to operate a planetary gear train under unloaded conditions in various configurations within a range of the planet-carrier rotational speed. Churning loss is isolated from the measured drag torque and the effects of several parameters (rotational speed, temperature, oil sump level, planet number…) on this source of dissipation are quantified. Beyond the influence of speed or oil level, it is concluded that the number of planets is of primary importance on churning power losses. Moreover, a first assumption is made concerning the oil sump behavior regarding the experiments: an oil ring is created explaining the evolution of the churning losses measured. In addition, this study compares the churning phenomenon occurring in cylindrical gear trains with the one observed during the experiments. It is shown that the approach used for conventional gear trains cannot be used for epicyclic ones: in planetary gear sets the centrifugal effects are predominant whereas the gravity forces have a larger influence on the free surface flows which occur in cylindrical gear sets.

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